Press of Roumeli, 1821 - 1880


Lappas, Takis
Roumeliotikos Typos, 1821 - 1880
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“[…] The provincial press may not have the same prestige as that of the capital, and may not be taken into account as much. But it does have its local interest. In its columns you can find provincial life as a whole. It is a chronicle of the nation, […] about the development of the city, its urban planning, buildings, society, life, disasters, illnesses, accidents, fairs, local history, folklore and other rich material, as well as its valuable obituaries, especially those of the fighters of 1821. The newspaper has now become a historical document.


Throughout these years, Roumeli had a respectable number of newspapers. Within sixty years, there were 30 newspapers: Agrinio 1, Amphissa 3, Vonitsa 1, Galaxidi 1, Thebes 4, Lamia 7, Levadia 4, Mesolongi 10.  It is also possible that I have left some out. Because unfortunately, they have not all been preserved. We do not have a full series of any one publication, just sporadic issues. And in other cases, I have not found even one issue, just the title as I recorded it on the List.

My research is divided into three periods: the Revolution, the post-revolutionary years, i.e. during the time of King Otto, and concludes with the more recent press – in comparison with the distant one. In my view, it is worth the historian’s time to research the years from 1821 to 1830. For periods closer to our own time, bibliographical work is entailed, which is outside my field” (Prologue, p. 7-8).