Historical Archive of the Periodical Press (IAPT)

Despite the importance and special weight of the periodical press in the narration of Greek press history, it remains a largely neglected field of historical research. In rectifying this significant deficiency in the recording, documentation and study of the periodical press, ETMIET is undertaking an extended research project by means of an extensive cross-sectional network of researchers and professional organizations, thereby enhancing our understanding of the role of journalism and the press in Greek history by means of collaborative and mutually complementary actions.

This effort had the good fortune to be embraced and warmly supported by the Union of Journalists for the Magazine and Electronic Press (ESPIT), which offered enthusiastically to make available its resources and material for research.

This joint effort is aimed at the diverse material offered by the periodical press (images, advertisements, drawings, photographs and texts in magazines etc.), which, in addition to their great historical value, constitute valuable raw material for educational purposes, for the cultural industries, and for all those who are interested in utilizing it in their creative work, since today this material remains unexploited because it is inaccessible. This primary material can supply many interactive applications and can have a variety of uses with added value, providing of course that it is appropriately documented and freely accessible.

Consequently, we are seeking to:

* Record the periodical press in Greece

* Create a register of the individuals involved with the press

* Document the material

* Digitize the material

* Create an electronic repository of thematic cultural material for educational use, and/or utilization by the creative cultural industries. 

* Collaborate with central public libraries in helping to supplement and complete an archive of the periodical press.

Among the main goals of this project is also to promote a comparative study of Greek magazines with their international counterparts, and to make the resulting material available to the broader interested public outside of Greece. For this purpose ETMIET collaborates with universities and research centres in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Cyprus and Australia. As part of this valuable and significant collaboration, ETMIET invites speakers and eminent scholars of the periodical press from the international academic community to contribute to an expanded interdisciplinary dialogue, beyond the borders of Greece.

Given the breadth of the subject and the current lack of systematic research, it was deemed necessary for the present research to focus on studying magazines with varied contents in the research project History of the Variety Periodical Press (Popular Press)  For the same reason and owing to the scale of this topic, it was deemed helpful to distribute the themes in individual modules that will examine various aspects of the phenomenon of the variety periodical press, contributing to the completion of a multiple and diversified puzzle. Seminars on women’s journalism will examine issues that run through the periodical press (journalists, printing, illustration, technological innovations, photo-reporting, advertising etc.) as well as special issues, such as the image and role of women in Greek journalism.

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