Lecture by Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones

 The cultural politics of reading nineteenth-century journalism in a digital age” 

by Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones

Conference Hall 

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences 

26 November 2015

The event was organised by the Workshop for Documentation and Study of the History of the Greek Press (ETMIET) of  the Research Centre for Modern History (KENI), Panteion University and co-organized by the Association of Periodical and Electronic Journalists (ESPIT).

The lecture delivered by Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones deals with the consequences of the digitisation of newspapers and periodicals for research practices in the humanities and social sciences.​

It was also presented briefly the digitisation project of the Panteion University Library. Questions and discussion was followed.

It should be noted that Aled Gruffydd Jones' lecture was part of the series of speeches and discussions within the framework of the research programme on the popular press 1910-1970, which is currently being conducted by ETMIET in collaboration with ESPIT



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