Cultural Foundation of Journalists' Union of Athens Daily Newspapers (ESIEA)

The Greek Press History Lab (ETMIET) of the Modern History Research Centre (KENI) at Panteion University is cooperating with the Journalists’ Union of the Periodical and Electronic Press (ESPIT) to continue and complete the research on the subject Popular Magazines in Greece (1900 to the present day): Critical Study, Quantitative Data, Basic Theoretical Guidelines, Research Challenges

As part of this collaboration, the joint organization of seminars and discussions is anticipated to which researchers and press professionals will be invited. Also, as the research progresses, one-day thematic conferences will be planned.

The data emerging from the research will be posted on the ETMIET data base and will be accessible on the KENI and ESPIT websites.

The final results of the research will be presented at a concluding international conference.