Mapping the History of Greek Journalism. An Online Archive of Testimonies, Practices and Skills

Mapping the History of Greek Journalism website is an electronic database that seeks to provide a panoramic view of Greek and Greek-language journalistic activity in Greece and among Greek-speakers abroad. The Cypriot press has been included in this context.

To this end, the ETMIET has set up an electronic data base a) as a repository for primary and secondary material, oral testimony, photographic documentation, educational and training material and other related archival data, and b) as a means of establishing scholarly dialogue and open collaboration with interested persons and organisations.

Special attention will be paid to the ability provided to users of the press website to conduct a multi-level and multi-thematic search for data. It is structured in such a way as to offer the user an overview of the Greek press from many interlinked viewpoints. Consequently, all fields are interconnected so that the broadest possible information about the press is documented on the data base and accessible to the user.

Our goal is to create links with similar databases in other countries and to seek broader collaboration with individual researchers and academic organizations in fields of mutual interest. It has already been developed a network of cooperation both with individuals and with similar academic media centres. The ETMIET’s Academic Board The committee consists of distinguished academics and researchers from the UK, France, Germany, Australia and Cyprus.

Access the Greek Journalism History database here