Conference Theme: 'Modern Trends in the History of the Press'


Modern Trends in the History of the Press

Co-organised by:Workshop for the Documentation and Study the History of the Greek Press (ETMIET)/ Modern History Research Centre (KENI), Panteion University  and, Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Press (ESIEA)
17 March 2015, 4.00 -9.00 pm
ESIEA Building

The main theme of the conference is the relationship between history and the press, and the attitude of historians, social and political scientists towards media history studies, a field that has emerged fairly recently, as well as the presentation of the current international debate around this theme.

The conference will be in two parts:

In the first part, Dr. Siân Nicholas, Aberystwyth University, will present the thinking, methodology and results of a three-year research programme that was completed in August 1914, on the theme ‘A social and cultural history of the British press in World War II’. Emeritus Professor Tom O'Malley, Aberystwyth University, will speak on the relationship between history and the press and the current international debate on this subject.

In the second part, the website of the Greek Press and the ETMIET research on popular magazines will be presented for the first time.

ETMIET will likewise present its research on Greek popular magazines covering the period from the early 20th century to the last glimmers of the phenomenon in the 1970s. The research endeavours to cover the existing gaps in the recording and study of a period in Greek publishing history that has until now been totally neglected. Popular magazines constitute a particular publishing phenomenon worldwide, a product of their times, with special features in each country, but also with obvious reciprocal influences in their aesthetics, themes and morphology, and with the same impressive, mass response wherever they appeared.

The above research programme is part of ETMIET’s effort to contribute to the compilation of a comprehensive history of the Greek press from the late 18th century to the present day, and to compare it with other national press histories, as recorded in the international literature.

The conference will conclude with a round-table discussion on ‘Historiography and Media History: A reassessment’ aiming to broaden the preceding academic dialogue to include other countries and the Greek academic environment, to contribute to and enrich this discussion and exchange thoughts on the main conference theme.  

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