Reviewed Entries

Student Publications, 1956-1967. Inventory. Contents and Political Orientation
With nostalgia...for a life without a programme
Newspaper Writing in Crete, 1831-1913
Ridiculous Kingdom: Satirical Newspapers and the National Question 1875-1886
These Lovely People… Journalism, Theatre – An Era
Journal 'Kritiki' (1959-1961). An Effort to Renew Critical Discourse
Greeks of the Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Question 1866-1881. The testimony of 'Neologos' in Constantinople
Thessaloniki of the Newspapers, The
Eleftheria. The Unknown Story of the First Resistance Organisation and Newspaper of the Occupation
Paidiki Apotheki and Dimitrios Pantazis. The first children’s magazine in Greece and its publisher. Contribution to the study of children’s literature
Logios Ermis. Unpublished Texts 1813-1851
Eleftherotypia. Three murders, one body. The birth, the growth, the fall of the newspaper 'Eleftherotypia'. Relations with PASOK, 17Ν, Koskotas, Mega. The "myth" with the Vardinogiannis family, the fateful role of Mania Tegopoulou
press of Trikala, 1881-2006: 125 years of History. Newspapers, magazines, journalists, publishers, typographers, newspaper vendors, The
Press of Roumeli, 1821 - 1880
Newspaper Writing in Thessaloniki. Contribution to the History of the Press
My life is a song
At Penpoint. Journalistic Memories
The First Greek Newspapers in Nicosia. From the Early Years of British Rule to the Annexation of Cyprus in 1914
Εξωτερικά Αρχεία
Geramanis Panos
Geramanis Panagiotis (Panos)