Greeks of the Ottoman Empire and the Eastern Question 1866-1881. The testimony of 'Neologos' in Constantinople


Antonopoulos, Andreas, Ath.
Oi Ellines tis Othomanikis Avtokratorias kai to Anatoliko Zitima 1866-1881. I martyria tou 'Neologou' tis Konstantinoupolis
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Neos Kyclos Constantinopoliton-Tsoukatos Publications
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“The study of the Greek-language press of the Ottoman Empire in the second half of the 19th century offers the researcher of that period a splendid opportunity to note and interpret the varied reactions of the Greeks there, in an age of sweeping geopolitical and geostrategic realignments in the broader region of southeastern Europe.”

The Neologos Konstantinopoleos, an outstanding example of Greek newspaper journalism in Constantinople, was established when “[…] such a spirit of freedom was blowing in the cities […] that an attempt was made to link the demands of the socially, financially and culturally advanced Greek community of Constantinople with the imperatives of the contemporary political reality […]

Consequently, reading its articles every day, and the clarification of its position on a number of issues that in many respects determined the physiognomy of the Balkans, at least until early in the second decade of the 20th century, is of exceptional research interest” (Introduction, p. 21-22).