Nikos Hatzopoulos

Ph.D. Student
Department of Political Science and History
Panteion University

Born in Athens in 1978. Studied History in the University of Reading and then earned an MA in Mediterranean Studies from King’s College, London in 2001. Has been a member, since 2009, of a working group at the Historical Archives of the Scouts of Greece, where he also worked for two years classifying and documenting the archival material.
His research interests lay in social and oral history, the 1940s and post-WWII Greece, as well as the youth press of that era. His Ph.D. thesis currently under work in the Department of Political Science and History of Panteion University, examines the political, ideological and social identity of the Scout movement in Greece, from WWII to the early post-Junta period. He has presented papers in conferences dealing with the Metaxas dictatorship and the Greek civil war.

He is, also, a member of the Greek Oral History Association.