Greek Popular Press History Project

Co-directors: Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones - Dr Gioula Koutsopanagou -

Project title:

Popular Magazines in Greece (1900 to the present day):

Critical Study, Quantitative Data, Basic Theoretical Guidelines, Research Challenges

The ETMIET/KENI), Panteion University in collaboration with the ESPIT run the above mentioned research project.

Within this framework in the Spring semester of 2017-2018, the Programme of Postgraduate Studies in the Department of Political Science and History will offer, for the first time, an English-language Masters-level seminar on the theme ‘Print Media and Popular Culture - Historical Perspectives: Theory and Practice’. A detailed course description is attached.

The course is open to both postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. Please bring this innovative new seminar to the attention of as many appropriately-qualified students as possible, including those currently registered on Erasmus programmes. They are welcome either to register for the seminar, or to attend in a non-credit bearing capacity.

1. Outline and objectives:

    Press here

2. Project leaders: ETMIET/KENI (Aled Gruffydd Jones, Gioula Koutsopanagou) and ESPIT (Themis Beredimas, Thanassis Alatas, Nelly Spiliotopoulou, Kostas Stoyiannidis

3. Project structure:

Principal Investigators: Professor Aled Gruffydd Jones – Dr Gioula Koutsopanagou

Research Team: 

Olga Bati, ESPIT, Giorgos Zevelakis, researcher, collector and Dr. Rigas-Kyriakos Tsipolitsiotis, Dr. Nelli Kambouri, Mary Parthymou, Ph.D. candidate, Andreas Vlazakis, Ph.D. candidate, Panos Fragiadakis, Ph.D. candidate, Nikos Xatzopoulos, Ph.D. candidate


4. Partners involved: